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Applying for a Grant

Diack encourages ecology research projects that are primarily student-directed. When appropriate, students should design the projects and research methods, collect and analyze the data, and, finally, communicate their results in a research paper, poster or PowerPoint presentation. Diack realizes that younger students need more teacher direction than older students.


· Diack grant funds can only be used to purchase equipment needed for projects. Diack will not fund staff or substitute pay, or plants for a native garden. Be specific in describing the requested equipment, including the quantity and price.


· Be specific about what the students will do. What sites will they visit? How many times? What data will they be collecting, and how will they collect it? How will they analyze their data? How and to whom will they present their results?


· Consider working collaboratively on a grant application. The maximum grant for one teacher is $2,000, but two teachers working together can request $4,000, and three teachers working together can request $6,000, which is the maximum grant amount.


· Up to $500 of a Diack grant may be used to cover initial transportation expenses for a project. Such requests must include an explanation of how transportation expenses will be covered in subsequent years.

· Diack is pleased to support new or proven projects and programs that engage students in ecologically rigorous and developmentally appropriate science-based research.  However, Diack does not sustain or award multiple consecutive grants for the same or similar program.


· Grant applications are accepted at any time; there is no grant cycle. Apply online at

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