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August 16-18, 2022
Silver Falls
State Park

The Diack Ecology Education Program and the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School invite you to participate in a free science teacher training focused on field-based science inquiry .

This two-day workshop will provide hands-on opportunities in the field as well as classroom time to develop curriculum tools and strategies that promote student-driven field-based science inquiry projects from kindergarten through high school. Attending teachers can also apply for a $2,000 grant ($6000 if you work collaboratively with at least two other teachers) for classroom equipment and resources for field-based inquiry investigations from the Diack Ecology Education Program. Participating teachers will receive a $100 stipend for attending.

This training is sponsored by the Diack Ecology Education Program of the Oregon Science Teachers Association and the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School (JGEMS), a public charter school in Salem, Oregon, focusing on field-based environmental science.

What you will learn

· Field-based science inquiry with your students, from the first visit to the field site to final presentation of the investigation’s results.

· The opportunity to carry out a science inquiry investigation at Silver Falls State Park.

· Curriculum integration - how to use this as an opportunity for students to apply the skills and knowledge they learn in the classroom to engaging and meaningful field-based projects.

· Logistical concerns - time, funding, safety and developing community partnerships.

· The opportunity to use a variety of equipment which your students could use in their investigations.

For more information and to register, contact Mike Weddle at

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